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N. Zel Rothstein, M.D. Loving Father and Husband, Revered Physician, Trusted Friend, and Respected Community Leader
PMA Medical Specialists, its staff and physicians are deeply saddened by the passing of N. Zel Rothstein, M.D.  Dr. Rothstein was a dedicated physician leader for both PMA and our Cardiology Division. He was an outstanding Cardiologist, and a well-loved, admired and respected member of our medical staff for more than 35 years. In spite of all the time and energy he spent serving PMA in a leadership capacity, Zel was a physician first and foremost, and his passion for medicine was evident. He was beloved by patients and staff, and will best be remembered as a compassionate healer who made a difference in patient’s lives. He received numerous accolades for his skills and spent a lifetime saving lives.

In true Zel fashion, he left us with his final thoughts in hope that we might gain some closure and comfort. We’d like to share a few excerpts from a heartfelt letter that was read to family and friends:

“If there is one bit of advice I could impart, and I know you have heard this before:

Enjoy your life now.  Don’t wait for some artificially imposed date to start adding to your life because that day may never come.  This is a very individual matter.  For some, simply making time to pursue a new interest or hobby will do the trick.  So, take that course in gardening, wine tasting, or painting. For others it’s getting time with family and friends and building your relationships with them.  Go and talk to that kid.  Call that cousin that you have not been in touch with for way too long.  Work can become overwhelming, life too busy and there is little time for anything else.  Carve out time for yourself and your family.  It is so important.  Be there for others.

People often ask why I have kept working during these last 3 years.  That is an easy answer.  I enjoy it and hopefully I have done some good for my patients.  It did not come at the expense of family time.  We have added so many visits, family trips big and little.  All one has to do is shut your eyes, pull up a memory, and the smiles begin.“

Dr. Rothstein was a remarkable friend, colleague, mentor and visionary; his courage and strength will continue to serve as an inspiration to all.
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