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New Blood Pressure Guidelines Make Blood Pressure Checks More Important Than Ever
Posted 5/15/2018

Under new blood pressure guidelines announced in late 2017, nearly half of U.S. adults are considered to have high blood pressure — with the biggest increase in new cases among men and women under age 45. This May, the American Heart Association is launching a campaign to log 3 million blood pressure checks to encourage adults to know their numbers.

 “Since high blood pressure is generally a symptomless condition, the only way to know your numbers is to have your pressure checked,” said Kathleen Magness, MD,Cardiologist and an American Heart Association volunteer. “The new guidelines have made it clear that 130 is too high for blood pressure, and that anything over 120 can put you at a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and other consequences.”

Despite the increase in the number of people whose numbers now put them in a high blood pressure category, Dr. Magness explained that this will result in only a small increase in the number of people for whom medication is recommended. According to Dr. Magness, “There’s a lot to be said for the power of lifestyle management. We’re interested in helping people take charge of their heart health by understanding the factors that play into high blood pressure, and taking steps to make changes that matter.”

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