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June is all about the fellas; in addition to Father’s Day, it’s also Men’s Health Month.
Posted 6/8/2018

Our goal is to educate the public about the many preventable health problems that affect men and boys, and empower them and their loved ones to move towards a healthier, happier life.

  •  Men die five years younger than women, on average, and die at higher rates for nine of the Top Ten causes of death.
  • Men account for the majority of work place injuries, are less likely to be insured, and far less likely to see a doctor for preventive care. All of this impacts their ability to be an involved father, supportive husband, and engaged member of their community.

It is very important that men participate in the various cancer screening programs, especially men over the age of 50.  It is vital to their health and well-being.  This year continues to be a pivotal one for men’s health—new guidance on prostate cancer screenings and the declining mortality rates for large groups of men means awareness and education is paramount. If you have any signs or symptoms that concern you, don’t delay, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider immediately. Early detection is critical!

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